In case you missed it, we had a great show with some real convo on the anniversary of the Iraq War and on the heels of a military intervention in Libya.  We spoke with Mike Prysner, Iraq war veteran and co-founder of March Forward!, a national organization of veterans and service members fighting to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We also spoke with Ian Thompson, an Attorney with Partnership for Civil Justice.  Perhaps just as lively was the conversation amongst the co-hosts on whether the intervention in Libya was the right or wrong thing to do.

But before that we talked about the push for a law to limit overall tax revenue be tied to inflation and population increases.  They call it TABOR (taxpayer bill bill of rights).  We talked TABOR with Carol Hedges, Director of the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute who feels that TABOR tanked Colorado.  And we had a back and forth between Karen Woodall of the Florida Center For Fiscal and Economic Policy and Allen Douglas of the National Federation of Independent Business about whether TABOR was good or bad for Florida.

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Watching this election cycle, you would swear that the US wasn’t still fighting a war in Afghanistan.  However, if you are a soldier serving in Afghanistan, an Afghan civilian, a child waiting for their father, or a spouse mourning the death of a loved one, its hard to forget about the war.  But if the American public and the American politicians think so little of the war that they don’t even mention it during elections, should Americans still be there?  Is having US troops in Afghanistan keeping Americans safe?  Let’s Talk About It!  Join us along with invited guests Camilo Mejia, and several other soldiers (past and present) and community leaders as we talk about the future of the war in Afghanistan.

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