Being an artist in a starving economy…

This week Art Basel is sweeping through Miami, making it a one time a year Mecca for modern art, art lovers and people that wear funny looking shoes.  But what does liking art and being an artist mean in these struggling times?  We will find out when we talk to modern artists, graffiti writers and others that try to reflect on the soul of our society.

But first…politicians that suck, part V…

Our politicians in Washington are having a real hard time fixing our economy and putting Americans back to work, as the whole super-committee stupidity demonstrates.  But those same politicians seem to have no problem coming together to pass laws that put US citizens in military prisons indefinitely.  Tune in as we talk about weird things that unite and divide Washington.

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On last night’s show we chopped it up about Infidelity and Injustice…some folks say they are one in the same.  Listen in as we talk about cheating, creeping, down lowing, and ummm….not doing any of those things with Licensed Psychologist Dr. Thomas Bonner (its pronounced Bonner as in rhymes with Conner people…get your minds out the gutter).

But the main theme of the show was about injustice…We talked to Attorney Joel DeFabio who represented Lyglenson Lemorin.  Lemorin is a father of three, a husband of a U.S. citizen, and was a green card holder (legal resident) who was acquitted in a criminal court by a jury of his peers of all charges stemming from the “Liberty City 7” trial.  That didn’t stop him from being deported to earthquake ravaged Haiti.  He was even prevented from attending the funeral of his recently deceased son.  We also talked to his wife Charline Lemorin about the struggles and strength of the Lemorin family in a saga that many have called the greatest injustice committed in the Domestic “War on Terror.” Please press play below or click here to download.

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Wed. May 25 @ 7pm
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The Department of Homeland Security claims to target undocumented immigrants for deportation, but Lyglenson Lemorin was not undocumented.  They claimed to target what they call “criminal aliens” but Mr. Lemorin was convicted of no crime.  They also claim to go after suspected terrorists, but Mr. Lemorin was found not guilty of terrorism in a court of law.  The question must be asked:  Why was this husband and father of three deported to earthquake ravaged Haiti if he had lawful status and was never convicted of a crime.  Join us as we talk about what many have called one of the worst injustices ever committed in the domestic “War on Terror:” the case of Lyglenson Lemorin.  Yes, Let’s Talk About This…and let’s think about this.

But first…

The recent news of Former Governor Schwarzenegger’s infidelity and love-child have put the topic of cheating in relationships back in the public’s imagination.  What causes couples to cheat?  Why are so many famous people caught cheating?  Is it an inevitable part of relationships?  If not, what can couples do?  Join us as we talk about it!


Wed. May 25 @ 7pm
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880 am (S. Florida), (anywhere), or just click here

A little over a week ago, President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in an assault on his compound.  Almost immediately Americans flocked the streets to celebrate.  Almost a week later, the media has talked a lot about who should take credit, and whether we should post up pictures of his dead body.  What they haven’t talked about a lot is: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NOW?  Does this mean the US should pull out of Afghanistan? Iraq?  Double down?  Does this mean that folks should feel safe or less safe?  Well, we feel like asking those hard questions.  Join us tonight as we talk to Robert Naiman of the group Just Foreign Policy and other guests as we talk about what happens next.


The Miami Dade County Mayoral race is in its last couple weeks and we want to bring you the scoop on ALL of the mayoral candidates.  This week, we will talk to candidates Wilbur Bell and Eddie Lewis about their vision for this city.

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